Utilities & Resources Directory

“A Helping Hand” for the Water Industry

MWUA is excited to release this interactive, searchable directory below of water utilities and the admin/management focused tools, technologies and businesses they use day in and day out to accomplish their critical mission of providing safe drinking water and fire protection. We would like to say a huge thanks to the Maine Drinking Water Program (DWP) for their support of this projects (and others like it) as well as their assistance and direction throughout the project. It wouldn’t have been possible without the DWP, so please reach out and say thanks!

How do I use the directory?

The directory’s primary purpose is to help water utilities share their experiences, thoughts, and more about the tools they use whether in the field or the office with colleagues around the state. There are two main components of the directory: the utilities themselves and the products/services they use. Each has a separate listing that is interconnected and linked with the other allowing seamless integration. 

Simply, search for the water utility or product you are interested in, and you will find all the information about the products/services the utility uses, ratings of the services, their contact information, descriptions, and more. Or, click one of the above links to be taken to the listing of the products/services or utilities directly to view all the data. It’s that simple!

How was it developed?

The directory was developed with input and guidance from multiple stakeholders, including the DWP, Maine Public Utilities Commission, MWUA staff and contractors, and many water utilities just like you. We started with the development of a survey to collect the data which was released to all community water systems in Maine. With the data aggregated and compiled, it was then programmed and turned into an online, mobile-friendly, and searchable format that you see here today.